Today’s Links April 26, 2012

  • Tools and methodologies for better coding
    Optimization and organization can mean many things, but what does it mean to you? Doing things faster, better, or more efficient? Does it mean doing things more programmatically, simplistically, or using tools that are more suited to the job? Well, in all likelihood it means a little bit of all of these. You probably are […]
  • Expert website monitoring for free!
    Knowing whether your website is working properly is the first step in making sure you nip problems in the bud. And unless you want to go check your site every five minutes (who has time for that?) or wait until one of your visitors tells you about a problem (very unpleasant), you need some kind […]
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Today’s Links March 1, 2012

  • 8 tools to make your website for free
    It’s the truth that sometimes we have to and want to produce web sites on a budget. It’s also true that sometimes we may just want to put up and create some sites for fun, so we don’t want to spend a ton of money on them. Well fortunately, that’s where the web comes in. […]
  • Infographic: East coast vs west coast designers
    Ever wondered what the difference between east coast designers and west coast designers? How designers in New York or D.C. differ from their counterparts in LA or Seattle? After all, we know all about the differences between east coast and west coast rap (and the rivalry that runs along with it). But who knew there […]
  • Design before computers ruled the universe
    I’m old enough to remember working with Exacto blades and poisonous chemicals to create layouts for printing. I’m old enough to remember printing. I’m young enough to be considered an expert at computer programs, so there’s a bright side to this story and the memories are the truth…except I’m too old to be sure they […]
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