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Today’s Links July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012
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The art of freelance customer service When you think of customer service, be it as a freelancer or a large corporation, you probably think about rectifying problems promptly and with great finesse, exceeding customer expectations, and delivering promises on time and on budget. But there is so much more to customer service. As a freelancer, […]

Today’s Links July 10, 2012

July 10, 2012
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Productive procrastination Some days work sucks. We start out with good intentions, but our energy levels are low and we go from constructively improving our website to surfing the App Store looking for new games to play. One response to this kind of procrastination is to force yourself to continue working. You plug away at […]

Today’s Links March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012
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8 tools to make your website for free It’s the truth that sometimes we have to and want to produce web sites on a budget. It’s also true that sometimes we may just want to put up and create some sites for fun, so we don’t want to spend a ton of money on them. […]

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